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Does your car feel a bit sluggish?

Is your car heavy on fuel?

Has your car lost its PEP?

Do you want to MORE POWER ?!!

At Redline tuning we can help you with that and more…

Using our inhouse dynamometer we can drive your car just like you drive on the street inside our premises.

So what problem do you have?

No power?

With our “rolling road” we can perform power output tests to plot and actual graph of your vehicles power output on the wheels. Many people know about Kilowatts (KW) and Newton meters (Nm), but few of us understand what it all means.

When your vehicle came out new it was assigned a power output based on what engine you had. (1,4, 2.0, turbo, diesel etc..) This was quoted as stock power in your owners handbook as listed by the Manufacturers. With the Dyno we are able to see how much power it has and then make sometimes small adjustments to make your engine perform more efficiently. After which we can do comparison runs so you can see the power go up or down. 

So now the fun part….


We offer specialist tuning facilities for the following brands:

Dictator, Go tech, Mr turbo and we can tune others providing you have your own tuning cable. These dynos are time consuming and require cooling off periods so we generally have the vehicle for 2 days to precision tune these systems.

We also do actual old school tuning such as setting your timing, adjusting your points (mostly we convert to electronic!!), Setting air fuel mixtures on carburetors and older fuel injection systems (before lambda systems were factory fitted from about 2000). And Carburetors ??? Yes we do offer carburetor tuning as well as jetting and fine tuning. But NOWADAYS everything is electronic fuel injection.

With the Dyno it is easy to improve your engines performance further by fitting exterior modifications, sometimes the factory intake systems are designed to be quiet but they sometimes get restrictive. The factory exhaust system is often also restrictive so just by upgrading the intake and exhaust systems you can gain a fair amount of power (car dependent)

Coupled with that we can start modifying engine bolt on components such as modified heads and performance camshafts, whilst being able to plot each modification by doing subsequent runs.

Then comes the REALLY Fun Stuff…


Nowadays most vehicles have a factory integrated boost and timing system that often limits the power that the engine has the potential to make. For example a stock VW MK5 GTI comes out standard with 147kw engine power but by just adding an upgrade file to the cars ECU (the brain thing that makes the engine run) you can easily upgrade it to 165Kw. But by adding an intake and exhaust you can further upgrade the power to 180kw and that’s before you have done anything to the engine. Tuners worldwide have tuned this particular engine to in excess of 800kw. But that is with a full engine build and a whole shopping list of expensive parts… But possible no the less.

Our tuning also extends to “CHIP TUNING”

We employ specialist tuners to optimize your modern petrol or diesel model with what people refer to as a “chip”

What is THAT??? In this modern age we are able to download your vehicles tuning file and optimize it. This means we can plug a machine into your car and download the cars brain. Then we can tell the brain NO we want more boost then the manufacturer wanted to give us and we want so much timing and so much more or less fueling. In short with the click of a mouse we can take your performance up sometimes as much as 20 percent just by loading a file onto your car. PLEASE note if you are under warranty you have to disclose tuning to the manufacturer or insurance company.

So what do you need from us?

“I just get that little more power from the stock engine”

I need more torque to tow a load (boat caravan etc..)

Better fuel economy ( you just want to save money on fuel! )

More POWER for when you want to overtake……

Or you have the boy or girl racer in you and wanna bolt on every modification and boost it to the moon?


Send us an email or Call us Now, We tune it Lekker !!!

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